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Find Your Fit

You can measure the diameter of your earphone’s Nozzle attachment in millimeters using a Ruler or Digital Caliper.

The Nozzle Attachment is the Earphone Speaker Stem where your ear tips will attach to.

Here are the NICKSTON sets and the range of earphone’s nozzle attachments they fit:

N-1   2.0mm – 3.5mm             Compatible Models for N-1
N-2   3.6mm – 4.8mm             Compatible Models for N-2
N-3   4.9mm – 6.3mm             Compatible Models for N-3
N-4   6.4mm – 7.4mm             Compatible Models for N-4

If your measurement falls close to the following larger set’s range, it is always best to get 1 Set lower with the smaller attachment
because the ear tips are stretchable and will then make better contact and won’t fall off.

Now you are ready to enjoy your new replacement ear tips.

The best way to measure the attachment and fit of your earphone’s nozzle is by using a Digital Caliper.

A Digital Caliper is a precision instrument that can be used to measure inner dimensions, thickness, or diameter extremely accurately.

This will give you the best and most precise measurements that will help you find the correct ear tips that you would need.

We have Digital Calipers within our shop and you may click here:

Digital Calipers have a wide range of use within a household.
Such as finding measurements of small objects, jewelry, watch straps/bands, and on objects that require fine precision.

How to use a Digital Caliper:

-First the zero/on button is pressed to zero the calipers.Push the jaws together and zero the caliper so you get an accurate reading.

-The Inside Jaws (Top of Caliper) are used to measure the inside diameter of an object.

-The Outside Jaws (Bottom of Caliper) are used to measure the outside dimensions of an object.

-Make sure the reading on the screen is in Millimeters, not inches or other units of measurements.

Use the Outside Jaws (Bottom of Caliper) and place the attachment nozzle between them. Push the jaws together until they have made a good contact against the attachment nozzle.

Make sure the nozzle is straight so you may get a proper measurement.

You can measure the nozzle a couple times so you get a good idea of its exact reading and measurements.

Now that you have that measurement in millimeters, you can refer back to our shop and determine which set would be best for you.
Sets are labeled with the range of attachment diameters that the ear tips of that set fit.
Your measurement will fall within a certain range and that will determine the set that you would need.

The Most Important Thing in Comfort and Stability is the Proper Fit of your Ear-tips.
Even though ear-tips may look similar in style and design, their attachment is what makes them different and each earphone is special in its own way.
To help understand the process we need to get acquainted with some important vocabulary.

Here are some vocabulary in regards to the physical description of the earphones:

Stem: The Stem is the Nozzle of the Earphones that the ear tips attach to.

Attachment: The Attachment is the diameter of the Nozzle. Usually measured in millimeters and determines your ear-tip’s fit.

Driver: The Driver is the speaker of the Earphones.

Housing: The Housing is the back of the Earphones which house the inner components such as the driver and other parts.