Product Description for Nickston N-4

18pcs Comfort Set which includes: 6pcs (3-pairs S,M,L) Memory Foam tips, 6pcs (3-pairs S,M,L) Double Flange tips, 6pcs (3-pairs S,M,L) Round tips , 1 Cleaning Tool and Box Organizer NICKSTON®

Memory Foam Eartips:

-Premium Soft Memory Foam Eartips are excellent in isolating sound, providing a secure fit, and maximizing the comfort of your in ear device.

-Once Squeezed, the Memory Foam eartips will return back to their original shape and form in about 20 seconds.

-Memory Foam technology creates a great seal within the ear canal to provide the best listening experience from your device.

Double Flange Eartips:

-Double Flange Eartips have a slight shorter length with a double layer design the provides great comfort within the ear.

This in turn provides better noise isolation and enhances the clarity of the sound from your earphones.

Round Eartips:

-Ergonomically designed round eartips minimize the vibration of the sound resulting in a much clearer and crisp audio.

Cleaning Tool:

-This Cleaning Tool is great to clean your eartips and maintain your earphones in pristine condition.

-The brush and metal scoop enables you to brush and scrape away foreign matter such as ear wax  and other debris.

Box Organizer:

Protective Durable Plastic Box that is the perfect solution to keep your accessories from getting lost , being all over the place, and stores all your accessories in an easy to reach container.